Stepping Stones High School


A = 90 - 100%
B = 80 - 90%
C = 70 - 80%
D = 60 - 70%
F = below 60%

A grade of 70% or above is needed to pass each subject.

Each student will write a short essay about their life in order to satisfy the creative writing requirement.

The student who is taking the course must do all of the work by themselves. Upon successfully completing all six units, students will receive their high school diploma and an official transcript of their grades.


Stepping Stones Curriculum

There will be one examination at the end of each subject (excluding creative writing). All subjects will be graded on an A through F grading scale.

American History

In this unit, students will gain a general understanding of America’s history and how it has shaped our world today. Many interesting topics will be discussed including The Reconstruction Period, World Wars, space travel, and civil rights. A variety of activities are included to improve critical thinking skills, and insure comprehension.


In this unit, students will gain a general understanding of human biology and how the body works. Basic elements are presented beginning with the bodies smallest part, the cell, and are followed by topics such as body systems, human reproduction, diseases, first aid, and general health.


In this unit, students will gain a general understanding of mathematic skills that are essential to everyday life. This unit will help develop vital skills in problem solving, measurement, estimation, proportions, percentages, formulas, and general operations.


This unit will help to empower students to be effective and confident communicators. After reading a number of short stories, students will learn vital comprehensive skills such as comparing and contrasting, identifying points of view, correctly sequencing events, recalling details, and drawing conclusions.


In this unit, students will learn the essential skills needed to correctly present the English language. Through a variety of activities, fundamental language arts skills and strategies will be reinforced. Subject matter that will be addressed in this unit will include, correct sentence structure, vocabulary, proper use of grammar, and effective use of punctuation.

Creative Writing

In this unit, students will have the opportunity to express themselves through creative writing. Through a writing composition, students will learn how to properly develop ideas, use appropriate details, and provide effective conclusions.