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Stepping Stones Past Alumni

Stepping Stones frequently has past alumni write us about their experience with us. For your convenience, we have listed a select few here.

LaRae McEwen

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and personally thank everyone at what is now my Alma Mater, Stepping Stones High School! I especially want to thank Linda for all of her positive encouragement and support.

My story is not unlike that of those listed here in the testimonial section. I did not graduate from high school, and as time went on, I regreted this mistake more and more. A friend told me about Stepping Stones High School and I actually started the curriculum several years ago. As it is with many people, life distracted me from my goal of graduating, once again.

Recently, my husband and I moved and I stumbled upon my school materials, which prompted me to remember a promise I had made to my father. You see, I am one of 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy) and all of my siblings have graduated from high school and continued on to college. All but me...until NOW!! I promised my father many years ago that I would go back to school and earn my diploma and I am now very proud to say that I received my Official Stepping Stones High School diploma and my transcripts TODAY! I can and have now fulfilled that promise I made so many years ago to my father and to myself.

If you are thinking about attending Stepping Stones High School, please do yourself a favor and DO NOT WAIT! The curriculum is FANTASTIC and you will not regret making the decision to finish high school. Graduating is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment I have ever experienced and I am sure you will have the same level of excitement and satisfaction that I am experiencing at this very moment! This is the right curriculum for any and everyone because you work at your own pace, from home. So do not deny yourself the awesome feeling of graduating. Take action TODAY!

In closing, I would also like to thank my wonderful husband for his continued support in encouraging me to complete the curriculum.


Ramona Y. Burrowes

I would like to thank the staff at Stepping Stones High School for their words of encouragement, love and concern. When registering into Stepping Stones High School, the staff members were very understanding and supportive.

Upon completing the curriculum, I was inspired to encourage others to pursue their high school diploma. This was my fresh start. Once I had obtained my High School Diploma, I forwarded my education by obtaining a BS in Christian Counseling, a Masters in Christian Education and I am President of Tampa Bay Basic Training Medical Skills Tutorial Learning Center.

I truly appreciate what they have done in my life. I hope to be instrumental in someone else's life by sharing my Stepping Stones experience!

Valley O'Grady

I have recently graduated from Stepping Stones High School. I felt that Stepping Stones High School was the best choice for me because I could go at my own pace and that is what I needed. I work over forty two hours a week and babysit as well so I have very little time for myself. Stepping Stones School was very self -explanatory but if I had any problems, I knew I could just give them a ring and they would help me with anything. So now I am looking forward to college. I am going into Accounting! I've had a great experience with Stepping Stones High School and I recommend it to everyone.

Carolyn Barrea

I am writing this letter to let everyone know that this school is great. It really helped me with my job. Anyone who does not have a high school diploma needs to check this school out. I told my friend about this school and she signed up also. She needed her diploma for a better job. Thanks Linda and Stepping Stones School!

Yyoung Williams

I would like to say that I was honored and privileged to attend Stepping Stones High School. Guess what? It was quick and easy. When I graduated in 2004 I felt excited and relieved to know that I had accomplished my dream. I am now working on a degree in Computer Networking Engineering. I am a single parent with three children and if I can do it, anyone can. I just want to say thank you Stepping Stones for changing my life! Without you I couldn't get a good job or get into college. Stepping Stones School is #1. I can never thank you enough!

Pam Coleman

As a wife, mother and grandmother of five spirited grandchildren, I assumed that I had too much on my plate to complete my lifelong goal of attaining my high school diploma. With the help of Stepping Stones, I was proven wrong. Making the choice to complete my education through this meritorious school not only has made me more marketable in my career but has also fulfilled my personal sense of pride in my accomplishments. I was nervous about the process in the beginning; however, Stepping Stones provided me with all of the necessary skills and learning material to help even someone as rusty as me to become a successful graduate.